The Conservative Dress (BHL Eloise

The Conservative Dress (BHL Eloise

Do you guys ever get sick of this giant shrub thing?

I love pattern testing. Sometimes I think without pattern testing I’d just keep making the same patterns over and over again. This particular pattern, the Eloise from By Hand London is not something I would usually opt for, but she’s a welcome surprise nonetheless.

Or my endlessly rampant bitch face?

Eloise is a beautifully simple, well drafted pattern. If you’re a beginner sewist this would be a great pattern for you! The only fastner is a single button in the back with a small loop for fastening. The fit is loose, so fitting is not such an extreme issue. I opted for the sleeveless knee length version, because I’m all for maximum skin. The sewing was fairly simple though I did shorten the frill a bit because I’m short.   Also the hem is just serged not actually hemmed.  Just because I’m real fucking lazy.  My Eloise has a waist tie belt but you could do side seam tie backs. She is so comfortable! The only words of caution I have: that frill takes up a lot of fabric, so be careful with your fabric layout. You’ve been warned. ALSO. I realize there are no back photos here. I hate them.

Or this hair tie?

The fabric I used was originally intended for another dress. It’s black rayon challis, which I just kind of reordered to go with some leftover yardage I already had. It did not match my existing fabric soooo that plan was scrapped. I always want more black dresses, though, so it all works out. This challis is a bit coarse for my liking, no one else seems to have noticed it though. It’s also a bit see through, so I did opt to bias bind the neckline and armscye. I always have this bias tape on hand, it’s not the highest quality but it’s light and (I think) less stiff. For the button, I used a random one, probably from some discarded RTW dress. I think Eloise came together in an afternoon, just a really quick sew. In the solid conservative black fabric, I think all get a lot of wear out of her, at work. Give her a try, if you like! Happy sewing 🙂

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  1. Can I ask what you hated about the back of the dress? I just made an Eloise dress and the button closure does not lie flat for me – makes me look like a hunchback! Your dress looks lovely from the front, though!

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