Sewaholic Davie Dress (Sewaholic 1503)

Sewaholic Davie Dress (Sewaholic 1503)

I can't explain why I look 11.
I can’t explain why I look 11.

I don’t what it is about fall that makes me want to make knit dresses. It seems most people make them in the summer, but…cozy knits are all about fall for me. This particular knit came from Joann’s and was purchased specifically for the Davie dress. The fabric has a good bit of stretch, but is still pretty solid and holds it’s shape well, which I thought would be perfect for this.

"Yeah, definitely take my picture in front of the bucket"
“Yeah, definitely take my picture in front of the bucket”

I decided early on to not do the top stitching here, because this fabric is textured and I wanted the focus to be on that. In hindsight, I think black top stitching would look pretty good on this one. Since I skipped that, I made this dress almost entirely with my serger. I really wish I had a cover stitch machine, I’d love to finish my hems and necklines that way! But alas, I don’t. So all openings were just turned and stitched. 🙁

I like fat hems and I cannot lie.
I like fat hems and I cannot lie.

This pattern is crazy easy. No darts, no pleats, all princess seams. In honesty, I didn’t use the instructions. I cut view B in an 8, and just started sewing all the pieces together. I should have cut a 10, but since I was just serging and therefore having a smaller seam allowance, I sized down. The keyhole is very easy, again just fold and stitch. I’m not sure what Tasia suggests as far as hem size, but I like a large hem and I definitely had enough length to do it.

Don't look at the hair, just don't it.
Don’t look at the hair, just don’t it.
Blurry face and body, but not blurry dress?  PERFECT.
Blurry face and body, but not blurry dress? PERFECT.

Also I added the Saltspring again. I tend to add them where there are already notches on the pattern, because it’s just easy. On this dress, I think it added too much bulk to the hips. I wish I had done them lower or maybe in a different, less bulky fabric. Also this dress is probably a bit looser than it should be, but I liked that it didn’t cling to my stomach, so I didn’t take it in. I’m happy with the fit, and it’s seriously comfortable. Secret pajamas in the best way! I can’t think of much more to say on this one, it’s such a simple make! I hope you like it. Happy sewing 🙂

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