Shorts & Body Issues (Grainline Studio Maritime Shorts)

Shorts & Body Issues (Grainline Studio Maritime Shorts)

"Why the fuck did I made shorts!?"
“Why the fuck did I made shorts!?”

Fun fact about me, I almost never wear shorts. By almost never I mean only around the house when the air is out. Why do I avoid shorts, knowing that it’s hotter than Satan’s armpit in Ohio right now? Because I hate my thighs. I hate things clinging to them, I hate their shape, size, everything. Hate ’em. I know this is a terrible attitude to have, but body issues are a real thing and we all have them. I am not immune, by any means. Knowing all this…WHY THE FUCK DID I MAKE SHORTS!?!?!

Cute puppy to distract from my misery.
Cute puppy to distract from my misery.

The truth is, I was hoping they didn’t look as bad as I thought. In reality, they probably don’t. It’s probably not nearly as bad as I think it is. But in my head…blargh. So I’m gonna show you the back view of these shorts anyway…which is a damn miracle. I did snap a picture of the waistband, while I was wearing the shorts. I wanted to show some of the problems I had, but I’m not quite to the point yet where I’m ready for the internet to see my stomach.

Also my hair is being super awful.  Humidity is not my friend!
Also my hair is being super awful. Humidity is not my friend!

So let’s talk about the sewing. These are the Maritime Shorts from Grainline Studio. I’m calling these a wearable muslin. I have copious amounts of black stretch sateen laying around, so I opted to use that, instead of muslin. The logic behind that being that the tiny bit of stretch in the fabric would cover a few test fit errors. And it did, kinda.


I do think these are a bit snug, I’d probably go up a size next time, but grade in a bit at the waist. The waist fits, but the fabric “grows” with wear. For the waistband and pocket linings, I used a fun tulip print left over from this dress, which I forgot to snap pictures of. Sorry! The stretch in the fashion fabric and lack of stretch in the lining did give my a bit of grief when it came to finishing the waistband. Probably also because I’m a dummy and interfaced the lining fabric instead of sateen, derp. I’m sure if I’d done that right, I wouldn’t be having this problem! The pattern actually comes together pretty easily, but I would suggest following the instructions carefully. I was scratching my head a bit while construction the fly/fly shield. Just have faith, it all comes together smoothly in the end. I do think, if I made them again, I’d add about two inches to the length. Just personal preference, but I like my shorts just a hair longer, and with a deeper hem. Again, that’s just my preference, not a fault in the pattern. If I ever convince myself to wear shorts again, I’d give this pattern another try. But lets not hold our breath for that!!! What about you guys, how do you feel about shorts??

14 thoughts on “Shorts & Body Issues (Grainline Studio Maritime Shorts)

    1. 100% agree!! That said, every Saturday I have adoption events for my foster pups, sometimes outside. We wear our rescue tshirts, and I wanted something to wear with those. I think perhaps I’ll try capris.

  1. Shorts have always been a hard wear for me, too. Yet I grew up running around outside in shorts, so there was always something comfortable and natural about wearing them too. As I got older, and my body issues worsened, I felt “disqualified” for shorts. I’d say I hate them, when I actually love them but instead became to uncomfortable in them. Sewing changed this. Although I didn’t have the intention of sewing shorts, I made two great fitting pairs last summer–Republique du Chiffon Pierre shorts. Then I recently did this again this summer with the Seamwork Weston. I spent forever on them and it was worth it! I really, really love them, and feel great in them now. I’d say keep going until you get shorts that you feel good in. They look great.

    1. It’s strange, because I have no issues with a shorter skirt, but shorts are just beyond me. They seem so unflattering. I was the same, though. I grew up in the country, running around barefoot in shorts, never gave it a thought. But as I got older and started comparing my body to others, I started to feel uncomfortable in shorts. It’s a strange thing, because I have no problem showing loads of skin, if it’s a body part I’m comfortable with. Thighs have just never been that for me. I will definitely check out those patterns, a decent pair of shorts would fill a massive clothing need for me.

  2. You look amazing. I feel the same way about my thighs. Thats why all summer I wear skirts and dresses even when I’m cleaning out my chicken coop!

  3. I Never wear shorts in the outside world.
    I don’t even wear sleeveless tops, but I’m trying to get over that…

    PS you look cute in those shorts. you’ve got nothing to worry about…

    1. I’m always a big advocate of making what you’ll wear. So for me, making shorts was just nonsensical. Same goes for the bikini I’m currently making. But I am trying to push myself, to get out of my own head. You should totally wear both!! I’m sure you look 100 times better than you think you do 😉

  4. If I had your legs I would wear shorts or short skirts all the time! I like shorts and wear them, even if sometimes I think that I shouldn’t…
    The shorts look good in your photos. Give them another try : sometimes just a few inches transform the way you feel in a garment.
    Plus your tatoos are so pretty!

  5. You look absolutely gorgeous, Ashley! I wish there was a magic wand that I could use to make women feel good about their bodies, especially young women. I am 45 and spent way too much time in my 20’s and 30’s feeling insecure about my body, and now in hindsight I realize what a dreadful waste of time that was. I have, and have always had, a great body! Maybe not by the artificial standards that society has set out for women’s bodies, but it does the job of letting me live my life to the fullest. I even wear bikinis to the beach now, even though my body is “less good” now than it was when I was in my 20’s and ironically too insecure to wear a bikini. Life’s too short! Embrace your beauty! Love yourself! Wear whatever you want! Show off those gorgeous legs when it’s too hot for pants! Did I mention you’re gorgeous?? 😀

    1. You are much too kind!!! I wish for that magic wand, too. I can remember being an extremely tiny teenager, maybe 100 pounds, and still thinking I was a manatee. It’s absolutely insane!! It’s a work in progress, but at least it’s something I’m working on now, finally, at 31! You know, I’m actually working on a bikini right now, the Sophie from Closet Case Files. I’m putting a lot of faith in the high waisted bottoms lol! You could rock any kind of swimwear, lady!

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