The 30th Birthday Dress (Butterick 5882/Gertie Shelf Bust Dress)

The 30th Birthday Dress (Butterick 5882/Gertie Shelf Bust Dress)

I enjoy booze of all kinds.

I made my deadline, and completed Butterick 5882 on Saturday, moments before walking out the door! If I’m being honest…I’m still not completely pleased with the dress, but…it’s my birthday so I’m giving myself a pass šŸ˜‰

Buzzed posing in a public place

I made some alterations to this pattern. I added my usual pockets, and I changed the bodice. I lowered the boned portion and curved it along the bust. If I could do it again, I would lower it a full two more inches, it STILL sat too high for my taste. I really wanted something that sat under my bust, where the underwire of a bra hits. I also altered the cups, to compensate for lowering the shelf, by adding two more rows of pleats. For me, the cups go too far up toward my shoulders, I would change that a bit if I made this garment again. I cut a size 12, and it was just a bit too big. In the future, I would cut a 10. This is a Gertie pattern, and for some reason I ALWAYS have fit issues with her patterns :/

High bust cups and gaping.
High bust cups and gaping.

The main fabric is also from Gertie’s collection, with the bodice cups and straps just being a black quilting cotton. I lined it with some kind of polyester “lining” fabric, this dress uses a ton of fabric, so I felt like using cotton lining would make it just too heavy. The fabrics were a dream to sew, and the lining felt amazing on the skin, staying cool even in the muggy Ohio summer.

I dunno why I can't stand up straight like a normal person.
I dunno why I can’t stand up straight like a normal person.

I did an invisible zip, because those give me the least amount of trouble! All of my seams were serged, with the hem just being serged and turned up. All and all, the dress is far from perfect but it worked for the occasion! Definite party dress vibes! Happy sewing šŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “The 30th Birthday Dress (Butterick 5882/Gertie Shelf Bust Dress)

  1. I love the styling and look of this dress!! It’s always tricky to make bust adjustments. What a great birthday dress though- looks like you had fun!! And Happy Birthday! šŸ™‚

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