The Doctor Who Dress (Tilly & the Buttons Mashup)

The Doctor Who Dress (Tilly & the Buttons Mashup)

Where is my neck?

I’ve had both the Tilly and the Buttons book and this Doctor Who fabric laying around for quite some time. Since winter, possibly. The fabric is basic quilting cotton (trust me, I wish it wasn’t), so I’d been toying with several patterns, trying to decide how to use it. I hate quilting cotton, but I love Doctor Who, so whatever. I wanted something that would showcase the print, but at the same time play nicely with the 0% give of the fabric. Once I started flipping through Tilly’s book, I discovered the Lilou dress, complete with a bow tie belt. Perfect for Doctor Who, right?!?

So I accidentally set my phone camera to square and also framed myself terribly.
So I accidentally set my phone camera to square and also framed myself terribly.

The only problem, at least for me, was the pleated skirt. It seemed to me that the lines of text on the print wouldn’t work well with pleats. So I opted for the Delphine skirt, with it’s sleek lines and sturdy shape, it was a much better option. Now, you may have noticed, there’s no bow tie belt here! Truth is, I got super frustrated with it. Irrationally so. The plan was to just attach the bow tie to the exiting waist band. But the first bow tie was far too small for the band. The second was a fine size, but then I felt the black bow tie on the black band would be lost. I contemplated a third, this time in the print, but the dogs had carried off my scrap fabric. So…no bow tie. Sorry, folks!

Awkward hands.
Awkward hands.

Based on my measurements and Tilly’s size guide, I cut a 4. I love a fitted dress, but this is a bit too snug. I used stretch sateen for the waist band, because that’s just what I had, and I think that may have contributed to some of the bunching you’re seeing. I think next time I’ll cut a 6 and grade the waist. As always, I added pockets. I also decided to fully line the bodice instead of doing facings, because I fucking hate facings. After I serged the hem, I decided I liked the look of that, just as is with no additional bulk, so I just left it. I know that’s not very professional and isn’t something I’m supposed to do, but I’m not a professional. I do what I want!

I dunno why I didn't take any pictures from the other side? Or of the back...
I dunno why I didn’t take any pictures from the other side? Or of the back…

This dress definitely has a different vibe than most of the things I’ve sewn. Kind of 60’s, you know? I really need to make the Delphine skirt on it’s own, it’s so quick and easy, it would be great to have a few fun work skirts! The fabric is also really fun, I’m thinking of wearing this to Time Traveler’s weekend this year. Oh! And you may be noticing a bluish tinge to my hair. You’re eyes aren’t deceiving you, there are blue sections in there! It’s actually much more obvious in person, just wasn’t coming through in pictures. Happy sewing 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Doctor Who Dress (Tilly & the Buttons Mashup)

  1. I love your dress, it’s so pretty! The 60’s look is really cute and fits you well.
    The fabric is soooo cool even without the bow tie. And the pattern shows it perfectly.
    I have Doctor who fabric in my stash for 2 years but I can’t decide which pattern to use whith it. You’re so brave to have cut in it ^^

    1. Thank you!! I still think it needs the bow tie lol, I will probably add it before Time Traveler’s weekend. Luckily for me, Joann Fabrics is just a few minutes away from my house, and they always have a few Doctor Who fabrics. Trust me, I don’t think I could have done it if they didn’t!

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