The Silk Dress (By Hand London Jenna Dress)

The Silk Dress (By Hand London Jenna Dress)

I tried so many times to get pictures of this dress, but Ohio is just NOT cooperating these days. It has been so rainy and gray, not exactly optimum photography conditions. I did try to take some inside…that was a hot fucking mess. I definitely do not have the skills or equipment for that! Anyhow, what I’m trying to say here is I’m a little light on photography, my bad!

It was a wee bit windy

This pattern is the Jenna Dress from the ever lovely folks at By Hand London. Jenna comes with two neckline options, a deep square cut and higher jewel neckline. I think it’s no surprise to anyone that I went for the cleavage cut, right? It’s my jam. Jenna also has sleeve options, which you may notice are missing here. They are rather stunning with cutesy ties, but I’m a dumbass and didn’t order enough fabric for them. A shock to no one, I’m sure. The skirt is bias cut, for some lovely draping. There are two length options, a shorter mini and longer below the knee. I opted for the latter, for work appropriateness. Now, I think we can all see this dress isn’t below the knee. Well, ABOUT THAT SHIT…

There are no back photos, again. I’d say sorry but I’m just really not. 

I had a bit of an oopsie when I cut the skirt out here. I’m blaming it on the bias cut/shifty fabric combo, but I could be full of shit there. I did something weird, and all I know for sure is that the skirt pieces were definitely not even and I had to do a good bit of trimming. Luckily I’m still stoked on the length, so there’s that. I’d also sewn this up pre-kidney donation and photographed it post kidney donation. In theory that shouldn’t make a difference, except that I’ve dropped about 15 pounds. I had to do some quick, post construction fitting! For the photos, I’ve just pinched darts out under the arms. In the future, I think I’ll need to unpick the bodice and lining, and do the darts properly. That’s a lot of work folks!

Guess I favor my right side today.

Now, the fabric. This is a very dreamy silk twill from Promenade Fine Fabrics. As most of you know, I live in the US, Ohio to be specific. Not exactly close to New Orleans but damn if I’m not tempted to make a fabric shopping trip. This stuff is soft and silky and I just…I just wanna wear only this fabric until I die. I’m wearing it right now, actually, and the coworkers are loving it. Silk brings people together, ya’ll.

3 thoughts on “The Silk Dress (By Hand London Jenna Dress)

  1. So good to see you lovely dress! the fabric sounds just wonderful. I can really get the photography problems. I am in the UK and recently its been so dull even when not raining that I just cannot get decent photos. Some things I have taken over multiple days to try to photograph and still not decent shots – I also do not have the skills for inside photography – I have tried believe me – especially when its chucking it down like today. Regardless of the pictures looks like a beautiful dress!

    1. The fabric is so lovely, I was really bummed about not being able to do it justice in photos! We’ve had lots of rain here also, and that gray dullness. Indoor photos are hard! I can never get the lighting right. Thank you!! 🙂

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