Minerva Crafts Q&A!!!

Minerva Crafts Q&A!!!


Hey guys, exciting news!!! I was recently asked to do a guest Q&A for Minerva Crafts, and it’s gone live today! It still seems so foreign to me that anyone wants to hear my opinion, but I’m immensely appreciative, anyway.

Minerva Crafts is a really cool site, based across the pond, with some of the most gorgeous fabrics I’ve seen around. The Cincinnati area is full of quilting stores, but if you’re looking for something other than quilting cotton, and Joann’s doesn’t float your boat, you’re basically shit out of luck :/ So a new online resource is always a plus for me. Also…I can’t help but think of Minerva McGonagall, no? The more Harry Potter references I have, the happier I am! So go check them out and show my Q&A some love, pretty pretty please.

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