Fail February-A Harry Potter dress (Simplicity 1418)

Fail February-A Harry Potter dress (Simplicity 1418)

Just casually reading, no big deal...
Just casually reading, no big deal…

You know how sometimes you just get SO EXCITED to work on a project that you completely ignore all the warning signs? That’s what happened here. When I stumbled upon some Harry Potter fabric at Joann’s in December, I was crazy stoked. I have been looking for this stuff for years, so it was a big deal folks. As soon as I got home, I grabbed a pattern that I thought would work and immediately started.

You know you're excited about something when you take cart pictures.
You know you’re excited about something when you take cart pictures.

The pattern I grabbed was Simplicity 1418, and I’ll be honest, I knew it was the wrong size when I cut it. Based on my bust alone, I should have been between a 14-16, the largest size I has was a 12. But hey, the big 4 always run a bit too big, right!? I could grade the seams and it would totally be okay, I said to myself. LIES!!! Who cares that the fabric is crummy quilting cotton, with absolutely no give. This would magically work.

It didn’t.

This dress is WAY too tight. I’m an hourglass shape, but I somehow managed to make my bust look minuscule here. The shoulder pleats on the dress are truly lovely, but this ill-fitted one sits horribly and causes my shoulders to look extra wide. I’m sure it doesn’t help that I decided to forgo facings and fully lined the entire bodice, sleeves included.

At least the cute back detail is kind of almost okay?
At least the cute back detail is kind of almost okay?

Notice how I said I started this dress in December? Well, that’s when I finished it. Once I realized the travesty I’d created, I threw it in the corner and pouted for two months. Enter Sew Red-y’s Fail February. What a fun idea! If Rachel can show her fails, why couldn’t I? I’m still super stoked on the fabric, and hey, and least the length is right? Looking at it in a positive light, it’s a reminder of why it’s important to sew slowly. This dress could have been saved if I’d used my brain and grabbed a pattern that fits, maybe even a TNT. I should have tried it on more often during construction, I should have made a fucking muslin. All ridiculous beginner errors. But hey, it’s still a Harry Potter dress, and I did wear it (semi-comfortably) for an entire day. Plus, I’m losing weight, so who knows, it could fit in the coming months. Whatever happens, it’s just clothes, and at least I can get a laugh out of it. Happy sewing! 🙂