Is it Too Early to Start Halloween?

Is it Too Early to Start Halloween?

You remember this guy, don't you?
You remember this guy, don’t you?

In an effort to actually complete my 2016 Make Nine, I forced myself to purchase the Simplicity 1095 pattern, and EIGHT yards of bright red fabric. This will not be a budget friendly project!

From the Simplicity site, I'll be making view A.
From the Simplicity site, I’ll be making view A.

HOLY PATTERN PIECES YOU GUYS! Can anyone explain to me the purpose of the mini skirt that goes under the main skirt, over skirt, and bustle-thing? Because if not…I’m not making it! I’m setting a goal for myself here, to blog progress on this every month. This month, I’m just trying to have the pattern cut and the black fabric purchased. BTW, I need another SIX yards of fabric for that. So…that’s FOURTEEN FUCKING YARDS. Fabric hog, much?

I might need a loan to purchase all the supplies...
I might need a loan to purchase all the supplies…

As you can see from the above chart, again from the Simplicity site, I need a ton of notions, including: nine packages of bias tape, some elastic, wide ribbon, eight yards of boning, 8 yards of lacing, forty-two grommets(!!!!), some lace and three buttons. Along with some canvas and felt. Yowza. I’m blaming all this purchasing, and not my extreme procrastination, on the early start. I’m also hoping you guys will hold me to this! Stayed tuned, and cross your fingers for me. Happy sewing 🙂

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