Holidaze (Colette Crepe/Colette 1013)

Holidaze (Colette Crepe/Colette 1013)

Stop doing that with your chin, self.

So here’s the thing…I really need to cut my bangs. I thought I would grow them out, but I won’t. Please look past the bangs. Also, I was very fidgety for these photos, so excuse the blur, okay? I’m tryin’ here, photos are not my favorite.

I know I know, kinda blurry

This is the Colette Crepe, and my Holidaze post for the Sew Long Summer Sew Along. I know the fabric is floral, but to me it looks like fireworks. Labor Day holiday + firework print=Holidaze, yes? This fabric was purchased at Joann’s 283238473 years ago, from the clearance section. It’s cotton, but lighter and more sheer than cotton lawn. Mystery fabric.

I can't deal with my own face right now.
I can’t deal with my own face right now.

While the pattern calls for facings, I opted to fully line it instead. I fucking hate facings. Facings are the worst. Plus, this fabric is practically translucent, so a full lining was really the only option. While this definitely makes for a better dress, it does take a lot of fabric. I’m guessing between 7-8 yards, maybe. I ran out. The filler pieces on the lining are black quilting cotton.

I’ve got a very Amelia Pond-esque crack in my wall.

To line it, I just cut double the amount of each piece, except the tie straps, obviously. The shoulders and sides of the bodice and lining were sewn together. I stitched lining and bodice together at the back and neckline, with the straps sandwiched between the two. For the arms, i just serged and folded the seams under. I sandwiched (word of the day?) the bodice inbetween the skirt and skirt lining, to get a nice clean finish at the waist. Make sense? Probably not, that’s a terrible explanation. I hope you get the idea! Other than the lining, I followed the instructions.

For me, basically a turtleneck.
For me, basically a turtleneck.

I cut a size 8 of version two, because I love a fancy neckline. I have to say, the neckline is a little high for me, I am not exactly known for dressing conservatively. I liked the fit, and of course a wrap dress gives you some wiggle room. I will probably end up cutting some length off, it’s just not flattering on someone of my height and proportions. I think slightly above the knee would be more flattering. This was so easy to sew!! If you know anyone who’s interested in learning to sew, this would be a fantastic starter pattern. I’m even going to attempt to make another version, in a Doctor Who print, in one evening. Wish me luck! Happy sewing 🙂

8 thoughts on “Holidaze (Colette Crepe/Colette 1013)

  1. cute dress and I just found your blog via your review on Pattern Review. You have made so many cute dresses! and then I read your Q&A on Minerva crafts. Loved you explanation to the UK reader of 4H. I did so many classes at my local Park and Rec. At least crafty kids can find an outlet 🙂 also had to laugh as you said you tried to learn to knit – me to and I find it baffling (plus too slow and kinda boring). anyway – nice to find a new blog. Happy Sewing!

  2. Love your sense of humor. This dress is so pretty in the mystery fabric. Looks great on you. I agree a little shorter would be better.

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