Nightmare coat (Space Invaders coat)

Nightmare coat (Space Invaders coat)



So, not to start this first post off on a bad note, but…fuck this fabric.  The pattern, Butterick B5686 is not so bad (the different cup sizes kinda threw me a bit).  This coat earned it’s nickname, Nightmare Coat, based entirely on this extra fraying houndstooth fabric.  I swear, if you look at it, it frays.

See?? Fray city!
See?? Fray city!

The pattern itself was fairly easy to use.  That said, the instructions do have you combining the lining and the outer shell before they’re actually complete.   I find this to be excessively bulky and complicated, so I assembled both separately and then combined.  I also added an two extra inches in the sleeves, because I have super long arms.  That may not be necessary for others!  Only two of the buttons are functional, but I think if I ever made this again, I’d do all four.  It needs it.  For the lining, I used a flannel backed satin, which feels like heaven but is a bit slippery to sew!!

Coat sewin'
Coat sewin’

All and all, I really do like this coat.  I love a houndstooth print, and it is warm and cozy.  I made view C, so it’s nice, long, and elegant looking.  Just…if you use this fabric, know it’s a bitch!!  I would suggest maybe surging each piece right after you sew it, perhaps, just to prevent fraying.  Be aware that you won’t use all pieces of the pattern, because of the variable cup sizing, that can get a little confusing when you’re sewing!!!  And yes, I know, I didn’t do the greatest job matching the fabric print, but it’s my first coat, I’m still pretty happy with it!!  Now for gratuitous coat photos!


Amy's boy Guinness made an appearance!
Amy’s boy Guinness made an appearance!
Pretty lining!!  And a slightly see-through top, oops!
Pretty lining!! And a slightly see-through top, oops!
Pockets!!!  I am obsessed with pockets.
Pockets!!! I am obsessed with pockets.



15 thoughts on “Nightmare coat (Space Invaders coat)

  1. I love your coat – and since I have my fabric cut out for that exact pattern I was thrilled to hear the pattern is pretty good. And the fabric looks great even if it was hell to sew – next time, save yourself the headache and simply fuse interfacing to each piece especially for a jacket or coat. It will be easier to work with and the jacket will be warmer. I learned that trick the hard way.

    1. The pattern really does come together fairly easily!!! Some of the instructions I wasn’t sold on, but it came out great!!! Ohhh that’s a good idea, the interfaced pieces were a lot less prone to crazy fraying!! Good luck with your coat 🙂

  2. Ashley,
    Beautiful work! You get better with each and every piece you sew. My mom said she’s very impressed ! She used to sew clothes for Rusty and I….so she knows her stuff!

  3. That’s a spectacular coat. Cheers for getting all of that fabric through the machine! I’ll be wary of houndstooth now – that’s some crazy fraying!

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