The Audrey Hepburn Outfit (Butterick 6285/Self drafted skirt)

The Audrey Hepburn Outfit (Butterick 6285/Self drafted skirt)

Oh hey look, actual pictures.
Oh hey look, actual pictures.

Sometimes, I buy fabric on impulse with no actual plans for it, like every other sewist (sewer? seamstress?) that I know. I’m pretty sure I bought this lovely Audrey Hepburn fabric with my friend Shannon before she was pregnant with her first child…she’s now on number two. So yeah, it’s been awhile. So long, in fact, that I can now find no actual links to it, sorry friends! 🙁

I swear her face isn't that distorted when I'm standing. Promise.
I swear her face isn’t that distorted when I’m standing. Promise.

For this particular fabric, I really struggled with finding something that wouldn’t require the beheading of Audrey. Not as easy as you’d think, folks. I considered a drindl skirt, but I’m really more of a pleats girl. I then thought about doing this lovely double pleated skirt from Gertie, but I didn’t have the required yardage for pattern matching. So I just thought, fuck it, I’ll make my own damn skirt pattern. I may have been a bit drunk when I decided this…

See?? No mutant Audrey.

I cut the fabric from selvage to selvage, using the fabric pattern as a guide, so about 1 1/2 panels. I then measured my waist, divided by two, and made pleats in the fabric until it matched that measurement. Folks, I just used my cutting mat to measure out the pleats, nothing fancy. My pleats are about three inches/squares wide. I cut two wide waist bands, interfaced, and stitched those to the skirt. I threw on some pockets using text on the selvage as a guideline, and then added a short side zip above that. Completely just winging it.

The trick to back photos is not to show your back.
The trick to back photos is not to show your back.

The top is the wrap top from the above mentioned Butterick skirt/top combo pattern. This pattern is crazy easy to sew up, with an awesome sewalong from Gertie herself. I have to be honest, though, the cutting threw me for a loop! There are only two pieces, with the sleeves, front, and back being all together on one, and the ties being separate. Just trust in Gertie, though, it all comes together easily and quickly! I used black ponte for mine, which I think has a bit less stretch than intended. To compensate, I used my serger and a smaller seam allowance.

See? No more distorted Audrey.
Extra picture just because I’m stoked on having decent pictures.

Next time, I would do a knit with more stretch and the proper seam allowance, I think it would me more favors in the boob area, you know? Overall, I’m pretty stoked on this project. Both components were finished in an obscenely small amount of time, and I will definitely be wearing them again! I’m currently searching for a print to for the double pleated skirt, so hopefully you’ll be seeing that soon. Happy sewing 🙂

12 thoughts on “The Audrey Hepburn Outfit (Butterick 6285/Self drafted skirt)

  1. I adore this outfit. I’m a big Audrey fan and just love the Tiffany blue in the skirt. Perfectly matched with the top. You look gorgeous!

  2. THANK YOU! My sister sent me fabric with this “Audrey” pattern on it (enough,I could have made a cover for my daybed). You have inspired me to make a skirt like this. I shall even send my siblings a pic of me posed like your last pic (she says I’m girly & my brother says I’m prissy & sassy;they will love it!) I’m so excited!Your outfit is just perfect!

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