Me-Made-May Week 1

Me-Made-May Week 1


We’re already one week into Me-Made-May!!! I’ve been doing daily posts on Instagram, but I wanted to do a weekly post here, with links to the garment posts, in case any of you were curious about the patterns. Fellow sewists, I’ve really enjoyed seeing what you’ve made! Non-sewist friends, please stay with me through this month of selfies, I promise it will go away. A bit of warning: these pictures are not very good. You’re going to see a lot of low grade mirror selfies, and for that I’m sort of sorry. But let’s be honest, there was no fucking way I was going to do a photo shoot every morning.

Starting out  extra low grade.
Starting out extra low grade.

Day one was a Sunday, which means ultra casual for me! Sundays are my only day off, so I really try to relax and enjoy them. On this particular day, I had to take a foster dog to the vet, so real clothes were necessary. I opted for my Gertie Wrap Top, high waisted jeans, and my favorite black chucks.

Holy lazy eye.
Holy lazy eye.

Day two brought us the Monday blahs. As much as I like my job, and I really do, Mondays are always a struggle. In an attempt to counteract that, I wore my fun bat blouse, pencil skirt, and tights. For work, I try to cover up all my tattoos, so expect to see long sleeves even if it’s 90 degrees!

I wasn't even trying to take a good picture here.
I wasn’t even trying to take a good picture here.

On day three, I was completely exhausted. I’m a girl who needs a full 8 hours (or more) of sleep every night, and the night before I had only gotten three. THREE!!! So day three was a bit sloppy, with a messy pony, my Morris Blazer muslin, a plain tee, and some Dickie’s. Blargh.

She's so photogenic.
She’s so photogenic.

For day four, I decided to give everyone a break from looking at my goofy mug. My lovely dress form is modeling a RTW red cardigan and my cherry print Colette Lily dress. A bit of a school teacher/librarian look, and I’m more than fine with that.

No idea why I look so depressed.
No idea why I look so depressed.

On day five I felt like being a little festive. I had lunch plans with some coworkers, so something fun and festive was in order. What could be more fun than my 30th birthday dress, the Gertie shelf bust dress, with a RTW cardigan and my standard black tights. No one can be sad is a sateen circle skirt!

My eyeliner was really uneven this day.
My eyeliner was really uneven this day.

Day six was casual Friday, and my wardrobe selection definitely reflected that. A sparkly gray sweater cardigan, black tank, and my beloved Levi’s were cozy enough for the shitty gloomy weather we’ve been having in Ohio. Really hoping for sunnier weather, but expect to see flannels soon.

Bar mirror selfies in clothing from that same bar.  It's like inception for drunks.
Bar mirror selfies in clothing from that same bar. It’s like inception for drunks.

Day seven and it’s finally Saturday!! During the daytime hours on Saturdays, I work at doggie adoption events and also have a second job doing admin work. But at night, I get to wear what I want. For this one I went to my favorite bar, the Drink Tavern, and I wore my refashioned Drink Tavern shirt (duh), an old band hoodie, Levi’s, and chucks. Pretty standard look for me, though my tee is usually not me-made.

Bonus margarita drinkin' in a me-made dress photo.
Bonus margarita drinkin’ in a me-made dress photo.

I’ve always been a big fan of wearing things I’ve made, so this week didn’t seem like much of a challenge or anything out of the ordinary. Though you will probably see one of these cardigans/blazers again, I’m trying to pair them with a handmade different garment, wearing a new me-made item everyday. It will be interesting to see if it still doesn’t feel like a challenge by week four! Hopefully I’ve haven’t bombarded you all with too many selfies, new garments are coming later this week! Happy sewing 🙂

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