Me-Made-May Week 2

Me-Made-May Week 2


Week two of Me-Made-May is over, and I’m starting to feel weird about all the selfies. I’ve posted them before, of course, but man, this feels like an overload!! Next year, I’ll have to think of a better way to do it. Also, I promised some new garments last week. Unfortunately, my family suffered a loss last week, and I was in no mood to do blog photos. But soon, I really do promise!

Note to self: clean sewing room.

We started the week with me attempting to fix the lawnmower. For such an activity, I wanted to wear something comfortable that I wasn’t in love with. Enter my sweet sweet mom jeans. The pattern is a Gertie for Butterick, and is clearly NOT the pattern for me!

It was so fucking cold this day...
It was so fucking cold this day…

Next, we’re back to another Monday. Blargh. Switched it up and did my first me-made-May car selfie. I wore my well beloved chambray shirt dress, but man, it was way too cold for it.

You can barely even see the shirt
You can barely even see the shirt

For day three, I tried to prepare for cold weather by wearing my favorite flannel. I was burning up all fucking day. I gotta start looking at the weather before I leave the house.

If I'm headless, know that it was a bad makeup day.
If I’m headless, know that it was a bad makeup day.

Day four was a Wednesday and I decided to wear something fun, like a dogs in bowties. Very fun, very comfy.


On day five, I missed work. I got a call from the momma, while I was getting dressed, saying that I needed to come the hospital immediately. Snapped a quick picture, the Audrey Hepburn skirt was the closest thing, so that’s what I wore.

Bar bathroom selfies, get used to 'em.
Bar bathroom selfies, get used to ’em.

Day six and I had burrito plans with some friends. This Octopus dress is one of my all time favorite makes, and I had a good hair day, so you even go to see my face. You can decide for yourself if that’s terrible or not.

Worst picture thus far.
Worst picture thus far.

Saturday, day seven, brought one helluva hangover. Feeling lazy and slovenly, I donned some self drafted, unblogged pajamas pants. While I still had no problem wearing me-made clothes everyday, Saturday did shine a glaring light on my lack of casual clothing. Looking at my makes, I clearly love fun dresses, and while I do tend to wear those, I don’t think it would hurt to stitch up a few comfy tees.

4 thoughts on “Me-Made-May Week 2

  1. I love all the dresses – but especially the one with the cute dogs!! It’s autumn here in New Zealand and I’m doing MMMay and feel like the only good photos I can get are on the weekends as its dark when I get home!

    1. You can never ever go wrong with cute dogs!! I’ve been trying to snap them in the morning, which is probably why they’re not very good lol! I agree, it’s hard to snap evening photos, but it sounds way harder there. Fall/winter is my least favorite time for blog pictures

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