A Kit Dress (McCall’s 6885)

A Kit Dress (McCall’s 6885)

Posing gets even more awkward than this, I am so sorry.

I’ve been on a pretty serious destashing kick, so buying this Craftsy kit came as a bit of surprise to even me. That said…fabric and a pattern for $15? No way I was passing that up!

I don’t know why I insist on looking down

The pattern is McCall’s 6885, and the fabric is Robert Kaufman’s dotty chambray, and I’m a big fan. The model on the pattern packaging is wearing something truly heinous, but please don’t let that deter you.

Photo "credit" to McCall's. Yes, the hat pattern is included.
Photo “credit” to McCall’s. Yes, the hat pattern is included.

I really liked the look of view D, kind of like a oversized men’s shirt but wearing it as a dress look, so that’s what I went with. Based on the pattern size chart, I should have graded between a size 14 and a 16. Based on everything I know about myself, I cut a 12. I do not like my clothes that loose, but that’s just personal preference. I liked the way the 12 fits, but I would cut the sleeves a teensy bit bigger if I could do it again. Also the sides come up a bit high, but that’s just the pattern design. I would suggest wearing tights if you want to look classy. I give no fucks about that.

Trying to look cool but even Amy’s dog is judging me.

The construction is pretty simple, as far as anything with a collar goes. There are various methods for collar constructing, but I opted to just go with the pattern version. The button placket is way easier than I expected!! If that kind of thing scares you, have no fear. Mine is far from perfect, but that’s honestly just because I get in my own head and freak myself out. There are also plackets (tabs? I don’t know) on the sleeves, but those are even easier. There is no yoke in the back, unlike the previous shirt dress I made, seriously a no fuss dress.

Okay so maybe the back is bit snug. Whatever.
Okay so maybe the back is bit snug. Whatever.

I did snap buttons on this one again, because I still haven’t replaced my buttonhole foot. Yes, you should definitely button/snap to the second button/snap. I like to have cleavage, so I don’t. Again, preference.

A little boobage never hurt anyone, probably.

I will for sure sew this pattern again, it’s easy and it would definitely fit into my wardrobe. I also really dig this fabric, I really want to make another dress with it and button down, at least. This is the second time I’ve sewn with chambray, and I would definitely say this is the higher quality fabric. It doesn’t wrinkle nearly as easily, though the skirt portion did wrinkle when I sat at my desk for a long period of time. All things considered, I really like this, I’ve actually worn it a few times since I made it! If the Crafty kits ever come back in stock, I’d suggest snatching one up. Happy sewing 🙂

By Hand London Kim Dress

By Hand London Kim Dress

I'm told I don't look like a ham here.  I'm not buyin' it.
I’m told I don’t look like a ham here. I’m not buyin’ it.

A few weeks ago, the lovely people at Minerva Crafts sent me a few yards of this lovely polka dot chambray. While chambray screams “make a Granville” to me, I wanted to do a dress. Probably because I always want to make a dress. I’d been wanting to make a Kim dress for awhile, so there you have it. Chambray Kim dress. In honesty, I was expecting the fabric to take MUCH longer to arrive (it took about a week or two), so I shamefully shelved it for a bit while I finished my other projects :/

"Hey, look how awkwardly I can stand.  Pretty cool, I know"
“Hey, look how awkwardly I can stand. Pretty cool, I know”

For starters, this dress was an absolute dream to sew. The fabric cuts and sews beautifully. I whipped through the dress in a day and a half, and that’s including the time I spent unpicking (serged) things I’d sewn on upside down. Sadly, it’s just a given that I’ll sew something upside down, or backwards, or to the wrong side…I do it every time. It’s probably pathetic.

I like how this angle really shows the wrinkles from playing with puppies.
I like how this angle really shows the wrinkles from playing with puppies.

I really, really like the bodice on this pattern. I cut a straight US 10 of version 2, and the bodice fits me pretty well, though I did take in a bit. I could probably stand to shorten the straps a bit, but I’m not complaining. The bodice has princess seams, so no darts. It’s also fully lined, which I always love. I tried to follow the bodice instructions completely, and I’m glad I did. It’s an interesting way to do things (at least to a novice like myself), but the finish is really clean and the assembly is easy. That said, it’s hard to know how it’s going to fit until it’s finished. If you’re concerned about fit, definitely do a muslin! I’m terrible about making muslins. I almost never do it and that’s because I’m both very busy and very lazy. It helps that I have a fairly standard “hourglass” figure, so my fit issues are typically minimal for sleeveless dresses. Pants and jackets are another story entirely!

Bodice/boob details.
Bodice/boob details.

For the skirt, I also cut a US 10, this time of version 1. The versions are easily interchangeable, so mix it up! I personally always prefer a sweetheart neckline to a scoop. The petal skirt is what originally attracted me to this pattern, and it didn’t disappoint. There are four simple darts and a bit of pleating (pictured above), which I adore. More details about those woes in a future post! The pattern calls for basting the overlapping front portions together before attaching to the bodice, which I liked and seemed to work well. I do think next I would slim the skirt down a bit. I would for sure like something a bit more fitted. I also think I will do a stitch to hold the front pieces together. On photo day, it was pretty windy, I only narrowly avoiding a wardrobe mishap! Like always, I added some pockets, always pockets. My apologies for the wrinkly look, but there was a puppy to play with!

Okay and maybe I did a shitty job pressing the pockets.  Hush.
Okay and maybe I did a shitty job pressing the pockets. Hush.

On the back, I omitted the hook and eye. I know it looks better to have it, but I have giant man hands and they’re tiny and fiddly and I hate sewing them. It pains me. I’ve convinced myself that the zip on it’s own doesn’t look horrible, so whatever. Now that Kim is finished, I think it’s time to get more of this fabric and make that Granville! Happy sewing 🙂

OH! And I chopped my hair off!!! What up, mid life crisis?!?